The Senior and Junior Broke up Three Months Ago

Usami Nao and Doubayashi Kazuma who had a secret relationship with each other. The two broke up due to a slight quarrel, but after three months, Doubayashi still can’t give up his feelings. Doubayashi makes an effort to regain himself by reflecting on his past mistakes and changing himself. That feeling would be transmitted to Usami for a while, but as a result of Doubayashi’s persistent attack, the distance between the two began to gradually shrink. However, it seems that Yuuki, a refreshingly handsome guy in the company, is also aiming for Usami…! ? A bittersweet and sour, heart-pounding office love comedy brought to you by such clumsy adults.

The Senior and Junior Broke up Three Months Ago
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Alternative Sankagetsu Mae ni Wakareta Senpai Kouhai no Hanashi, The Story of a Senior and a Junior That Broke up Three Months Ago, The Story of a Senpai and a Kouhai That Broke up Three Months Ago, 三ヶ月前に別れた先輩後輩の話 三个月前分手的前辈和后辈的故事
Status Completed
Type Manga
Released 2020
Author MII Mitsuki
Artist Mii Mitsuki
Serialization Pixiv (Pixiv)
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