Kajiya de Hajimeru Isekai Slow Life

One night, Eizo, a hapless corporate slave, saves a cat and gets hit by a truck. The cat which seems to be related to a parallel world, in return for his help, grants Eizo a skill of his wish and reincarnates him to another world. Eizo, who has craftsmanship as a hobby and wishes to use this skill for a living, chooses to be reincarnated as a blacksmith. And so he starts his life in another world as a blacksmith just as he wishes. However, Eizo’s creations are at another different level that will shake this new world.

Kajiya de Hajimeru Isekai Slow Life
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Alternative Different World Slow Life Begun at the Smith, Kajiya de Hajimeru Isekai Surouraifu, 鍛冶屋ではじめる異世界スローライフ
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author Tamamaru
Artist HIMORI Yoshino
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X.E.N.N (dumbass)✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

any series with all the chapters?

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