Boku no Dokuhime wa Kyou mo Kawaii

It is a happy married life that begins with a political marriage!
Rafi, a demon princess who sprinkled poison on the battlefield and was feared as a poisonous princess.
Loren, an immortal knight who revives many times and continues to fight on the front line.
As proof of peace, these two will become a married couple in a political marriage.
It was a marriage with various speculations, but Loren, who fell in love with Rafi at first sight, wanted to flirt with Rafi! !! !!
Rafi, who has a characteristic that her poison leaks due to the shaking of her emotions, is obedient to try to keep a distance from Loren so as not to bother him. However, Rafi was influenced by Loren’s enthusiasm and gradually opened her heart.

Boku no Dokuhime wa Kyou mo Kawaii
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Alternative My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Today, ぼくの毒姫は今日もかわいい
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2022
Author SAKUTAKE Chihiro
Artist SAKUTAKE Chihiro
Serialization Big Gangan (Square Enix)
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